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Homeland security systems Supervision & Management


The civilian sector is in a need for greater professionalism and is expanding the current knowledge of safety and security. With this in mind, we have built a curriculum for civic innovative, unique and particularly comprehensive, in the field of civil security studies in Israel.
This program is conducted under the auspices of the External Studies and Continued
Learning Unit at the Ariel University Center of Samaria, in collaboration with NSP, headed by former Chief of Police, Mr. Shlomo Aharonishky.

The program is designed to deliver the skills necessary for supervision and management of security systems.

The Program 

The program is designed to teach students the skills necessary to supervise and manage
all aspects and elements of security systems:

National security threat response
Security management
Emergency response
Ensuring individual and organizational security in routine and emergency situations
Investigation and intelligence
Information security
Security and defense technologies
Work safety and hygiene

The program is tailored to the needs of public institutions, factories, and commercial and
private organizations that engage the services of professional security officers or provide
professional development opportunities for members of in-house security teams.
The program is adaptable to specific needs and security policies of clients, whether an
institution or a private or public organization, seeking to train their employees.

Target population:

Senior security officers in local governments or security-related companies,
organizations and installations.
Executives and senior officers in security companies and organizational security

  • Senior Security Managers
  • Security Managers
  • Investigations & Intelligence
  •  Specialization:
    Security Technologies
    & Information Security

Senior Security Managers

This unique, extremely comprehensive program focuses on civil security management
in Israel. The program aims to teach students to manage and supervise all aspects of
security systems, and provides the necessary in-depth professional knowledge.
The program combines the study of security, safety, and emergency response issues,
taught by experienced instructors from various security systems. Students are also
taught additional knowledge on customer relationship management, by instructors of
the Ariel University Center.

Target Population
Security managers and senior officers in local governments, companies, organizations,
security installations, security companies, and various security headquarters
Candidates for security-related managerial and staff positions with organizations and
Individuals who wish to propose candidacy for security management positions
Individuals interested in studying security-related topics

Main topics of study
Security theory – principles, methods, human resources, and means
Terror organizations in Israel and worldwide – characteristics and methods of operation
Risk analysis and situation assessment
Elements of national security
The Security Officer – planning, management, control, and command
Responding to criminal threats
Legal arrangements in force in Israel: constitutional, security and geo-political aspects

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Security Managers

Specialization in Emergency / Disaster Response Management

Disaster threats and scenarios have increasingly captured public attention. Emergency situations may result from security situations, from natural disasters such as earthq quakes, and geo-political events.
This course addresses these topics and the need to acquire professional tools to implement preparations to minimize damages, deal with the consequences of emergencies and disaster situations, and manage the crisis.

The course is conducted in collaboration with key organizations and agencies engaged in these fields in Israel, including the Homeland Security Command and the Israel Emergency Economy Command.

Aims of the Course

Students will Acquire
Acquire the skills necessary for organizational decision making and coping in a systemic or multi-disciplinary emergency or disaster situation.
Acquire skills to prepare an organization for emergency or disaster situations.
Acquire tools and knowledge necessary to protect the safety of employees, facilities and work spaces.
Certification of graduates of the following courses, as required by law: “Facility - Based Civilian Defense Officers,” “Security Trustees,” and “Emergency Economy Officers.”

Target Populations
Managers and officials in the private, public or business sector, in local
government or government institutions
Security officers and managers of security and safety units
Officials who train organizations to cope with emergency situations and play a role in such situations
Community or municipal emergency response teams
Students interested in working in the field of emergency response

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Investigations and Intelligence

Private investigations are required in a broad range of fields that cross all sectors of the economy. An investigator is expected to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in his or her field and knowledge in the law, enforcement, legal rights and authority, professional ethics, interrogation, reporting, knowledge and skills in operating overt
and covert technical tools of interrogation, technical surveillance, and other fields.
The course trains students for investigative positions in the civil, public, and government sectors, and prepares students for an internship and Ministry of Justice licensing exams.

Aims of the Course

Students will acquire knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the field of private investigations and business intelligence collection. Students will become skilled in the use of the majority of tools required to manage investigation and intelligence.

Target Population

Security officers and managers interested in expanding their knowledge in the field of investigations
Individuals interested in specializing in the diverse challenging field of investigations and intelligence Employees of investigation firms and investigators in private or public organizations


Introduction to investigations
Reciprocal relations between the police, the tax authority, medical institutions, and the National Security Institute
Methodology of private investigations
Law and legal issues
Human sources and interrogations
Note-taking and reports

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Security Managers - Specialization in Security Technologies and Information Security

The supreme importance of information security in organizations and companies has gained recognition in recent years. As technology becomes more sophisticated, miniat turized and accessible, threats from inside and outside organizations multiply. When every individual has a disk-on-key in his or her pocket, capable of storing huge amounts of date, and when young hackers successfully break into sensitive databases for fun, unauthorized access to core organizational data could have devastating results.

At the same time, technological tools such as cameras, locks, fences, alarm systems, control and command systems, protection systems, scanning and intrusion detection systems, have become more sophisticated.

This unique course will address both these extremely interesting fields.

Aims of the course:

Students will learn about -
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) of data attacks
Preparing for threats to organizational knowledge
Control and supervision tools to protect against threats to organizational knowledge
Available range of auxiliary technologies that can be incorporated in developing a security foundation for organizations and installations.
The advantages and shortcomings of each tool
How to correctly integrate technology systems into a security system

Target Populations:

Security officers and security unit managers in companies and organizations
Managers in information security and/or technology units
Managers and members of the general public who seek to expand their knowledge in the field

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